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World’s Top 10 Richest Families

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Looks fade but diamonds and money last forever. This is the mantra that these filthy rich families clearly follow. The top 10 richest families have a shockingly substantial collective income of a whopping 3.4 trillion dollars. Which is similar to the entire GDP of Germany, the UK and France.

Let’s count down the world’s top 10 wealthiest families.

10: The Dumas Family, from France: Estimated Wealth – 49.2 Billion Dollars

The Dumas family do not shy away from the spotlight and why would they? As owners of the high-end fashion brand Hermes the Dumas family are said to have a combined fortune of 29.2 billion dollars. The family density was founded by the late Thierry Hermes in 1837. This brand has grown into a global fashion house for the high flyers of the 21st century.


9: The Brin Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth: 51.1 Billion Dollars

Sergey Green, the online tech mogul and co-founder of companies like Google and Larry page has grown into extreme wealth with his total economic value placed at 50+ billion dollars. He currently holds the position of president at the search engines parent company Alphabet Inc.

Brin’s wealth is shared between his two children and he was recently divorced from his ex-wife Anne Wrojicicki who is wealthy in her own right with an estimated value of 480 million dollars.

8: The Ambani family, From India: Estimated Wealth: 52.3 Billion

The late Dhirubhai Ambani the co-founder of Reliance Industries transformed the his small textile company into India’s largest conglomerates.

His wealth was shared evenly between his sons, who work as majority shareholders of the company to this day.

7: The Page Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 52.4 Billion Dollars

Larry Page the co-founder of Google has tracked up a colossal amount of wealth estimated at the value of 52.4 billion dollars. He now holds the position of CEO at Alphabet Inc.

He is paid a dollar a year as a symbolic gesture. Mr. page shares his wealth with wife Lucinda Southworth and their two adorable children, which they have kept out of the spotlight.

6: The Albrecht Family, From Germany – Estimated Wealth – 2 Billion Dollars.

The founders of Aldi supermarket group  Karl and Theo Albrecht, which split into two separate entities in 1960 Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud due to business differences between the brothers.

Both brothers went on to have major success and took both their chains internationally and across the Atlantic to the United States.  The chains are now run by their children and namesake children and continue to grow.

5: The Chakri Family, From Thailand: Estimated Wealth – 60 Billion Dollars

The Charki family are the raining rulers of Thailand for the past 237 years and continue to be treated with the upmost respect by the population.

The family consists of 22 monarchs which are thought to control a combined wealth of 60 billion dollars, this is a combination of assists, jewels and vast real estate.

4: The Ellison Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth 61.8 Billion Dollars.

Larry Ellison co-founder of or global corporation Oracle is worth a shocking 61.8 billion dollars. Not shy of the spot light the Ellison family are often spotted out and about in the its places and sailing around on their yachts.

Mr. Ellison shares his wealth with both his daughters, who are regular red-carpet icons and glorified actresses in their own right.

3: The Zuckerberg Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 63 Billion Dollars

The Zuckerberg family is headed but by the tech tycoon Mark Zuckerberg who founded the Facebook empire. He shares his vast wealth with is current wife Priscilla Chan and their two daughters.

Mark has also explained publicly that he plans to give a large portion of his wealth to charity.

2: The Slim Family, From Mexico: Estimated Wealth – 64.9 Billion Dollars.

The Slim family were the richest family in the world between 2010 and 2013. Due to corporation and stock value issues the 64.9 billion dollar family dropped slightly down on the list.

The family made their fortune with the Grupo Carso company. The family is made up of husband Carlos Slim, his wife and six children.

1: The Mars Family From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 70.8 Billion Dollars

The family and owners of Mars Inc, which was founded by Forrest Mars Sr, created a confectionary dynasty.

This developed out into numerous additional brands and the values of the company is shared between his three children.

Src: Aljazeera


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